Membership FAQ

1. What does membership of the Official Manchester United Supporters Club Hong Kong (“MUSCHK”/the “Club”) represent?

MUSCHK is the one and only supporters club in Hong Kong that have attained official recognition from Manchester United. Members can enjoy benefits provided by the Club. (See Question 6 for details). Membership is on an annual basis and is based on the football season.

2. How do I become a member of MUSCHK?

To become a member of MUSCHK, you MUST first be enrolled to Manchester United’s own official membership scheme (for details, please click here).

After enrolling to Manchester United’s own membership scheme, please deposit your annual subscription fee of MUSCHK to the following bank account:

848-708228-838 (HSBC) (Fast Payment System)
Credit Card

Kindly remember take a photo or a scanned image of the deposit slip and upload a soft copy through our online application form, and complete the other details as required on the form for our handling. Once we have received your submission, we will be in touch within a short period of time.

3. Why must I first enrol myself to the official membership scheme of Manchester United?

Under regulations set by Manchester United, each officially recognised supporters club must be made up of a specified number of members under Manchester United’s own membership scheme. As such, MUSCHK requires all members to be enrolled to the United’s own membership scheme in order to maintain our official status.

4. How many types of membership does MUSCHK offer?

Two types, namely:

“Adult – MUSCHK International” and “Adult – MUSCHK Local” – For persons aged 18 or above.

“Youth – MUSCHK International” and “Youth – MUSCHK Local” – For persons aged below 18.

5. How much is the annual subscription fee of MUSCHK?

“Adult – MUSCHK International” Members: HK$100 per annum
“Adult – MUSCHK Local” Members: HK$150 per annum

“Youth – MUSCHK International” Members: HK$80 per annum
“Youth – MUSCHK Local” Members: HK$120 per annum

6. What benefits can I enjoy if I become an MUSCHK member?

MUSCHK members’ benefits are as follows:
  • A welcoming gift and a personalised membership card; (Note: While stocks last for the limited welcoming gift)
  • Priority in participating in MUSCHK activities (such as live match gatherings, or events involving current/former Manchester United players), as well as eligibility to participate in games and lucky draws in most of our activities;
  • Enjoy discounts offered by various third-party merchants working with us;
  • Entitled to order match tickets for Manchester United games played at Old Trafford.

7. How do I pay my annual subscription to MUSCHK?

Please refer to Question 2 above.

8. What is the duration of the MUSCHK membership?

Our membership is valid from the later of (a) 1 July of each calendar year or (b) date your membership is approved by MUSCHK, to 30 June of the next calendar year.

9. As an MUSCHK member, how many match tickets can I order at a time?

Each member are entitled to order only one ticket for each game.

10. Can non-MUSCHK members participate in your activities?

Yes, we welcome non-members to participate our activities, but priority will be given to members first. Non-members could only participate if there are remaining available places after the application stage for members. We may also charge non-members a higher fee compared to our members. In addition, non-members participating in our activities may also not enjoy the same rights in games or lucky draws held in our activities. For updates of MUSCHK activities, please refer to our website, or our pages on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

11. How do I arrange a replacement if I’ve lost my membership card?

Members can send an email to to apply for a replacement. There will be a fee of HK$30 for each replacement request.

If a member who lost his/her membership card does not arrange for a replacement, he/she may risk not being able to enjoy certain benefits of the Club.

Applicants for a replacement membership card are advised to send an email with the subject “MUSCHK – Membership card replacement” and provide the following details:

Membership number:
Contact telephone number:

Please deposit the HK$300 replacement fee to the following bank account:

Hang Seng Bank – A/C 848-708228-838 (HSBC) Also attach a soft copy of the deposit slip in your email.

12. What should I do if there are changes to my personal details?

Members can send an email to to inform us of such changes, stating “MUSCHK – Change of member’s details” on the subject line.

13. How do I cancel my MUSCHK membership?

Members can send an email to stating “MUSCHK – Membership Cancellation” on the subject line to make such request, and provide the following details:

Membership number:
Contact telephone number:

Please note that all previously paid fees will not be refunded.

14. What are the terms and conditions to the MUSC Membership?

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions (Chinese only).

A. What does the membership of the Manchester United membership scheme represent?

It is a membership scheme operated by Manchester United. For details, please refer to this page.

B. What are the differences between the membership of Manchester United’s own scheme and that of MUSCHK?

Members of Manchester United’s own scheme enjoys benefits and rights provided by Manchester United. For the membership of MUSCHK, members enjoy additional benefits that are provided by the Club on top of those provided by Manchester United.

D. Can MUSCHK help me to apply to the Manchester United membership scheme?

We regret that we are currently unable to assist individuals in applying to the Manchester United membership scheme. Interested persons are requested to make their own application to Manchester United. Details of the Manchester United membership scheme can be found at:

C. What benefits can I enjoy if I become an Manchester United member?

Manchester United members enjoy the following benefits (subject to changes made by Manchester United):

  • Priority in ordering Manchester United home game tickets
  • A £5 discount on home game tickets
  • Personalised membership package
  • Half price for the Old Trafford Museum & Stadium tour
  • Discounts on spending in the Red Cafe, the Megastore and the United Direct online shop