Wiyo 無線上網設備85折優惠

喜歡外遊的會員要留意了!無線上網設備租賃商Wiyo向所有本會會員提供折扣優惠,會員只需於Wiyo網站輸入訂單時,同時註明為MUSCHK 會員及填上會員號碼,即可享有無線上網設備租金設備85折優惠,及免費租用充電器

We are delighted to announce an exclusive offer with pocket wifi lease providers Wiyo for MUSCHK members. Members can enjoy a 15% discount off pocket wifi rentals and waived rentals for power bank when you state you’re an MUSCHK member and your membership number in your online order form at http://www.wiyo.hk.


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